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October 29, 2010

the naked & the nude

Colin Farrell nude

While there's always plenty of debate about who really deserves the title as "sexiest man in the world," for plain down-to-it and hardcore sex appeal, I'm putting my money on Irish hunk'o'man Colin Farrell

Long before his notorious sex tape went viral, Colin was proudly strutting his stuff through a whole series of excellent flicks, starting with his breakthrough role in 2000's Tideland. Refreshingly among today's superstars, Colin has shown little or no reluctance to skin on screen, giving us some memorably naked moments in movies like Oliver Stone's 2004 Alexander, Hart's World, A Home at the End of the World. Ask the Dust and most recently in last year's Triage (pictured above).

Of course it's the infamous sex video with Playboy model Nicole Narain that served to truly cement his sexy man rep, leaving viewers stunned (and delighted) by just how horny and hardcore he could be.

If not as explicit, this scene from the aforementioned Alexander still gives a pretty fine idea of just how "good" Mr. Farrell is at being "bad":

Starmale data point: There's over 250 pictures and video clips on the site dedicated to Colin Farrell.
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August 05, 2010

the naked truth

Gerard Butler nude Our pal Billy Badboy writes to say that he thinks Gerard Butler is "undoubtedly the sexiest man in movies today" and really who are we to disagree? Mr. Butler is unquestionably one totally hardcore hunk extraordinaire!

This 41-year-old Scotsman pretty much defines muscular masculine pulchritude. Add to that, some serious acting chops and a ready willingness to drop trou and you end up with a little bit of heaven with a hairy chest. Can you say "Woof"? (I knew you could!)

In a 20 year career span, Gerard has gone from a whole series of tasty little parts in flicks like Tomorrow Never Dies and Tales of the Mummy to breakthrough performances in hits such as 300 and RocknRolla. He's also maintained a busy schedule of live performances on both the British and American stage.

As noted earlier, Mr. Butler hasn't shown much reluctance to skin. Starting with 1997's Mrs. Brown where he went full frontal and continuing through 300, RocknRolla and most recently in Law Abiding Citizen, he's given us some truly excellent chances to admire his increasingly ripped bod.

Check out this scene from the aforementioned Mrs. Brown where the uncut goods are good and floppy:

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June 14, 2010

buying the bootie

Ryan Reynolds nude

While the success of the new romantic comedy The Proposal has set tongues a'wagging bigtime about Canadian cutie Ryan Reynolds, for us skin fanatics he's been among our favorite stars for a long time.

I mean nobody but nobody can deny that Mr. Reynolds has an extremely fine bod and, as the above picture proves, he also features one of the finest booties in the business.

There's a little bit of nudity worth noting in The Proposal, but for the real deal you need to turn to 2002's Buying the Cow where Ryan literally runs riotously naked for four and a half minutes of glorious screen time, including an all-too brief, but visible frontal (see below).

Here's one of the four clips of Ryan Reynolds nude in the Starmale archive:

In addition to all the vids we have available, the photo archive features almost 200 pictures of Ryan in various and sundry states of undress. All skin, all the time!
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April 19, 2010

starmale breakout!

Sam Worthington nude While reaction to the new Terminator: Salvation is at best mixed, not so the buzz about Sam Worthington who co-stars with Christian Bale in this fourth outing in the Terminator franchise. Word is that this Australian-born actor is the best thing in the flick and it's easy to see why.

Not only is he way hot looking, but he's also got his acting chops seriously down. So down in fact that he's lined-up to star in not one, but FOUR major new flicks, any one of which could catapult him into major contention.

For skin fans, there's not a lot to choose from now, but what there is very very tasty, including the scene below from the 2004 Australian sleeper Somersault. It's my case that with a booty that beautiful, we'll be seeing a whole lot more skin from Mr. Worthington in the very near future.

For the moment, we're choosing Sam as our newest Starmale breakout and offering this hi-resolution clip from the aforementioned Somersault as proof positive of his emerging hotness. Check it out:

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March 13, 2010

wotta bad boy

Vincent Gallo nude If the name Vincent Gallo rings a bell, chances are it's because you seen (or at least heard of) his most notorious film The Brown Bunny, also starring Mr. Gallo's girlfriend at the time Chloe Sevigny. Made in 2003, the story centers around a motorcyclist's (Gallo) adventures crossing the country, but it's real notoriety rests in the explicit sex scenes between Mr. Gallo and Ms. Sevigny, particularly the infamous fellatio sequence in which literally nothing is left to the imagination.

But for almost two decades before Brown Bunny, Mr. Gallo had a long, if not especially distinguished career. He mainly did small roles in small films, until he came to a fair measure of fame with 1998's Buffalo '66 which he wrote, directed, scored and starred in. Long a maverick in the worlds of film, art and politics, he's been content to eschew the Hollywood star system and continue to strike out in ways uniquely suited to his talents, particularly that special talent to shock and dismay.

For all that, there's no question that Gallo's fame for now will reside firmly in those deliciously explicit moments between his erect penis and Ms. Sevigny's mouth in Brown Bunny. And while the infamous scene was carefully cut from the U.S. release, we've restored it here in a high-rez clip that's available on demand for any and all Starmale members:

Check out this clip and more than two dozen pictures in our Vincent Gallo gallery -- just one of more than 3,000 celebrity galleries on!
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August 15, 2009

booty out

Seann William Scott nude Sean William Scott is one of those rare actors who burst to great fame in his first film role. He made his mark in the movie American Pie playing the crude jock Stifler. He essayed the role twice more and each time brought the same naughty charm and rollicking humor to the part. We never got to see much of his body in those films, but you could also tell that, under his shirt, he was seriously ripped.

He's been in a whole bunch of movies since then, most of them mainstream and at least somewhat popular. What's interesting is that Seann's best ever nude scenes come in one of his most recent flicks, Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story which sounds like a biopic, but is in fact a fictional comedy about a janitor who becomes the high school tennis coach. The film was, in a word, pretty bad, but we've cut out the good parts and brought them to you in both video and picture form. Skin fanatics get a whole series of great views of Seann's tight and sexy ass (as well as some fine shots of younger co-star cutie Brando Eaton)

If you've got any doubt, scope out this clip from the film:

The Starmale photo archive features over 80 pictures of this hunky young actor, more than enough to satisfy even the most jaded SWS fan -- one more great reason to become a member of the Net's biggest and best male celebrity archive.
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July 19, 2009

as good as it gets

Cuba Gooding Jr. nude The career of Cuba Gooding Jr. is definitely an interesting one. This gorgeous black man had his first film appearance in the 1988 Eddie Murphy vehicle Coming to America and, not long after, broke out with a searing performance in John Singleton's Boyz n the Hood. The film made headlines for its brutally honest portrayal of life on the streets and Cuba was widely hailed as a bright, up-and-coming new talent. He followed that up with a small role in A Few Good Men, but it really wasn't until 1996 and Jerry Maguire that he broke into the big time.

He deservedly won an Oscar for that role and his celebration dance on stage forever cemented his name in the pantheon of great acceptance speeches. Unfortunately, his film choices after winning the Oscar have not been among the best and his career has not blossomed the way that many thought it should. That said, there have still been many opportunities for skin fans to see Mr. Gooding Jr. looking good and showing plenty of beautiful brown flesh.

A sex scene in A Murder of Crows (1999), for example, provides the opportunity for a nice clear shot of his bare and beautiful butt and, while not as revealing, there's another excellent love scene in Men of Honor, but if you're looking for pure sensual pleasure and downright downhome skin, you need to see Shadowboxer (2005) where he hooks up with the much older, but still lovely Helen Mirren for a steamy scene in the woods. Check it out here:

With more than 50 pictures and several video clips of Mr. Gooding in the Starmale archive, there's lots of Cuba Gooding Jr. to go around for members. To access the full Starmale collection, click here.
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June 12, 2009

purely hot

Bruce Greenwood nude Most of you probably know Bruce Greenwood as the man that plays the president in movies like National Treasure 2 and Thirteen Days. He has aged into a distinguished gentleman but there was a time when he was pure hottie. He made his Hollywood debut in the late 1970s doing a little television and some bit parts in films. If youíre a big fan of Rambo you might recognize him as Guardsman #5 in First Blood. He bounced between television and movies in the 1980s and he made his mark in both elements.

Perhaps you remember the 45 episodes of St. Elsewhere he did. It was a hugely popular show in the mid 80s and he no doubt brought a whole lot of sex appeal. He was a classic hunk with a strong jaw, a great body and a smoldering sexiness that made it seem like he would be a blast in the bedroom.

Around the turn of the century he suddenly became this strong father figure type and was cast in all sorts of roles that needed that kind of man. Heís done nearly 35 projects in the last ten years and he has a whole bunch more in the pipeline. This gorgeous man knows what people want from him and heís not afraid to deliver it. If you were a fan of John from Cincinnati (the HBO show) then you got lots of chances to see him walking around shirtless and surfing like a hottie.

Our Bruce Greenwood archive features more than two dozen gorgeous pics so you can see him at his best inside. We also have a brand-new high rez nude clip of him from the 1989 movie Wild Orchid. Bruce did his best sexual work ever in this movie and if youíre a fan of full-frontal nudity itís a must see. Here's a preview:

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May 12, 2009

natively naked

Bruce Parry nude Instead of featuring any of our usual suspects (that is, mega-superstars or up-and-coming young hunks), we're going to start 2009 off a little differently by giving you an in-depth and very personal glimpse of almost everybody's favorite TV adverturer and real-life explorer Bruce Parry.

The 39-year-old Englishman is of course best known to audiences as the host of Tribe (a.k.a. Going Tribal in the U.S.), a wild and wacky documentary series in which the intrepid (and seriously hunky) ex-Royal Marine visits primitive tribes around the world and actively participates in their rituals, customs and cultural norms.

Lucky for us, Bruce's idea of participation often means doffing his regular gear for more native costume, meaning little or no clothes to speak of. And o boy howdy, that's where the real fun begins! Check out these caps from just one of the FIVE videos we have in the archive:

In addition to the video material, there's also dozens of nude and semi-nude pictures of Bruce Parry in the Starmale photo archive. If you're still not a member of the Net's biggest and best all-male all-nude celeb site, check out our special recession-buster fees here.
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April 10, 2009

the new improved naked and the nude

Daniel Craig nude
It's been exactly two years since we last featured Daniel Craig here in the Starmale Blog and the fact is he's gotten only sexier with the passage of time. We're happy to report he's also gotten a whole lot more naked. So here's an updated version:

With the release of Quantum of Solace, the latest entry in the 007 franchise, there's ever more buzz about the newest James Bond. Though Mr. Craig has been around for some long time and made some really excellent films, it was not until his first outing as Bond in 2006's Casino Royale that he really hit the U.S. and international mainstream.

Beyond his undisputed acting talent, Daniel also possesses major physical charms as evidenced above in a capture from 1998's Love is the Devil. Daniel is by no means shy when it comes to showing off his body and that's made him a longtime favorite among skin fanatics. Other films with plenty of D.C. skin include Sylvia, The Mother and this year's sleeper Flashbacks of a Fool. His full frontal scene in Simon Cellan-Jones' wonderful Some Voices (2000) is especially memorable:

He's the first blonde Bond, will he follow that by becoming the first 007 to go FULL-FRONTAL? Time will tell, but for the meanwhile you can enjoy 60 revealing pics of Daniel Craig as well as two full-frontal video clips in the Starmale archives.
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March 08, 2009

truly hot, truly nude

Ryan Kwanten nude
While the reviews of Allan Ball's new HBO show True Blood have been mixed, there's been nothing but raves for actor Ryan Kwanten in his role as "Jason Stackhouse," the series male sex pot. And it doesn't really take more than one quick look at this hunky 32-year-old to see why everybody's talkin.

Ryan is, by no means, a newcomer. He's been acting for the last 16 years, starting on TV in his native Australia where he quickly earned a loyal (and lusty) following with his longtime portrayal of lifeguard Vince Patterson on the hit series Home and Away. His move to the U.S. in 2003 basically kickstarted his film career and he continued to appear in a wide variety of international television projects.

Starting with his earliest TV appearances, Ryan has traded heavily on his beachboy good-looks and surfer bod, providing a plentiful dose of skin in nearly every one of his performances. But it wasn't really until True Blood that we've gotten the opportunity to see Mr. K. in the buff on a regular basis. It's gotten so bad (that is, good) that some critics are actually complaining that there's too much naked Ryan! Go figure!!!

We're totally pleased to have the biggest haul of Ryan Kwanten flesh on the planet with lots of pictures and video clips, especially from the new series. Here's just one from the Starmale archive:

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February 19, 2009

the naked and the nude

Kevin Zegers nude

In the interests of full disclosure, I'll happily cop to being totally (and I mean totally) besotted by Kevin Zegers. In my humble op, he's just about defines what we mean when we say "smokin hot."

Canadian born and bred, Kevin started acting at the tender age of 6 years old. 18 years later, at the equally tender age of 23, he's assembled a majorly impressive resume, appearing in more than 50 movies and TV shows and winning the 2006 Cannes Film Festival Chopard Award, which is given to promising young actors

While never especially shy about appearing shirtless on screen or in print, we really had to wait until his breakout role in Duncan Tucker's Transamerica (2006) before we got both full-on rear and frontal exposures. Kevin quickly followed that with some more rear-end action in both It's a Boy Girl Thing (European version only - in the Starmale archive) and in last year's Normal. Given his growing status as emerging sex symbol, I think it fair to say that we can expect plenty more skin from Mr. Z over the next few years.

As mentioned previously, Transamerica provides the best occasion to appreciate Kevin's fine physical attributes. Vide:

Starmale skinny? Our Kevin Zegers nudity archive features six video clips and over 250 pictures!
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January 18, 2009

the dark stud

Christian Bale nude

Among Hollywood's most popular celebrities , Welsh-born Christian Bale is perhaps the most unlikely superstar. In a career spanning 22 years, he has mainly specialized in making small independent films featuring performances that challenge both his considerable acting chops as well as his amazing physical discipline.

But as the blockbuster success of the newest Batman film, The Dark Knight, has amply demonstrated, Mr. Bale has now taken his place in the very top tier of filmdom's pantheon, becoming a full-fledged mega-celeb with all the attendant baggage and craziness that woeful term implies.

I suppose we ought to be grateful that it's taken him this long because, as we all know, once that mega-star status is reached, we seldom get much more in the way of skin (vide Brad Pitt, for example).

Happily, Christian has never been reticent in the past about delivering the goods, both frontal and rear. Of the latter, films like Metroland, Royal Deceit and Captain Corelli's Mandolin are all excellent examples, but it is in the film version of Brett Easton Ellis's book American Psycho (2000) that Christian's newly pumped bod is put on full (and loving) display, as this startling scene with its long frontal shots makes oh so clear:

The Starmale Christian Bale nudity archive features eight video clips and nearly 150 pictures. Check it out now!
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January 08, 2009

buns made to order

Jason Lewis nude There are some dudes who are so friggin hot that just looking at them hurts (and generally in some place very private and unmentionable). The subject of today's blogification, Jason Lewis is one of those guys who makes me hurt all over the place and, looking at the pic above, anybody can see why.

Mr. Lewis is undoubtedly one fine smooth lookin piece a'work and we've been officially smitten ever since he first came to flaming fame in Sex and the City and in the famous Absolut ad that made the world want to drink vodka smoking hot. More recently, he wowed us with his role as the closeted gay soap opera star on Brothers and Sisters and the love interest of fellow cutie Matthew Rhys.

On the skin front, while he's been very generous when it comes to rear exposures, we're very sad to report that he's not yet graced the world with any public frontals. But then again, oh those rear shots!!! They are truly buns made to order:

Starmale skinny? Over a hundred pictures and three hi-rez video clips of Jason Lewis in the archive with more being added all the time. If you're not a member of the world's biggest and best nude male celebrity site, you need to join now!
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December 29, 2009

the naked and the nude

James Franco nudeSlim, smooth and sexy, all words that neatly encompass James Franco, our studly choice for this episode of the Starmale blog. And I 'spose it's about time cause James has never NEVER been shy about sharing both his acting talent and bare physical charms with his adoring public (and, yes, count me in!).

Starting with his third film appearance in 2000's Whatever It Takes, Mr. Franco has demonstrated a happy willingness to give us plenty of opportunities to explore and adore his seriously shapley assets. In flicks like James Dean, Sonny and, most lately, Tristan and Isolde, he's skinned neatly and repeatedly. Best of all, with each new appearance, he's revealed an increasingly buff body that's got to be the envy of every gym rat this side of Palookaville.

While we're still waiting for the (inevitable?) full frontal from our boy, the rear shots have been nothing short of breathtaking. Take, for example, this long exciting sequence from Sonny (also starring Scott Caan):

Just in case you were worried, there's over 150 pictures and five video clips in James Franco's galleries.
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Fall Out Boys rocker Peter Wentz tells Blender magazine that he's "a make-out king" and that "the caveman in me wants it to be completely deviant. Like, 'Oh this isn't supposed to go in there? Then that's where it has to go.'" He also confesses to kissing boys because "anybody above the waist is fair-game."

Doth the lady protesteth too much? Sizzling hotboy Jason Lewis recently told Extra that he was "scared" to kiss Brothers and Sisters co-star Matthew Rhys on a recent episode and made a face when asked if he thought Matthew was attractive. One can't help wondering what Matthew thinks.

Star Wars beautyboy Hayden Christensen says that hearing the persistent and widespread rumors that he is gay is "fun." In an interview with Vman magazine, Christiansen said: "To me, masculinity is the ability to flirt with the effeminate." He also said the rumours donít bother him "because itís fun, entertaining and a bit of a joke." Interestingly, he refused to divulge his sexual orientation.

As he has proved in a half-dozen films, Daniel has nothing to hide or be ashamed of! Now the question is will the new 007 skin again as Bond? In the recently released Infamous, based on the life of In Cold Blood killer, Pery Smith, Daniel seriously shocks Bond fans by planting a big wet-smooch on actor Toby Jones (playing Truman Capote).

"Ricky Martin [widely rumored to be gay] went home from the Grammys with a couple of handsome trophies," Craig Kilborn reported. "He also won some awards."

The former child actor, who shot to fame in the family comedy 'Home Alone', is set to strip off fast and fully in Sex and Breakfast, a new movie about group sex now in post-production.

According to Ben Affleck, the worst thing he can think of is finding a friend in bed with his girl. Happily, he notes that "my best friend Matt Damon wouldn't do such a thing. But the first thing I'd ask him if he did would be, 'Wow, Matt! Are you straight?'"

After "flaunting it" in a recent issue of Flaunt for master-photog Bruce Weber, this hot young actor-model has become everyone's favorite new eye-candy. One new film already released, two in post-production and a third one filming: Handsome is as handsome does!

admitted to Howard Stern that he'd never had sex with reputed girlfriend Nicole Ritchie. On the air shilling for the newly-released Jackass 2, the shameless Mr. O confessed that he had however masturbated on her and admitted that he felt just fine about using her to get his picture in the tabs.

Sharp stakes ahoy! To the great relief of practically everyone, Buffy's boy finally goes full-frontal in These Girls.

Luck of the Irish? Hard to know with director Oliver Stone's announcement that yet a third version of his controversial (and universally panned) film Alexander is in the works. This 3 hour, 40 minute opus reputedly restores all the gay content carefully expurgated from the original.