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May 2008

all-american stud

Michael Biehn nudeThere are plenty of people who would happily define Michael Biehn as the living embodiment of the all-American stud. Born in a small Alabama town, he's got that hardcore Southern blonde boy charm mixed with just enough 'tude to keep legions of fans captivated over a career spanning 30 years.

Beginning with his big screen debut in 1978’s Coach, Mr. B. has skinned on a number of occasions, but sadly, most often these have been all too brief glimpses and, even more to the point, never full-monty. A good example that comes to mind is The Terminator where Michael's rough'n'tumble arrival from the future is breathtakingingly nude, but even more tantalizingly short.

So too in flicks like Deadfall, Timebomb and Breach of Trust, we get lots of delicious suggestions of skin, but never quite enough to satisfy. Interestingly, it's in his debut, the aforementioned Coach, where some of the best ever rear shots are logged in a shower scene with the irrepressible Cathy Lee Crosby. Vide this high-resolution clip:

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posted by bent at 6.12 p.m.
May 2008

mister cocky

Dermot Mulroney nude

Many of you probably recognize Dermot Mulroney as Julia Roberts' infamous best friend in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. A native of Virginia, his strong masculine features immediately give away the actor’s German and Irish heritage.

But it's Dermot's notoriously cocky attitude that really helps define his sex appeal; his naughty comments and playfulness are reflected in a gem like “I play the cello, which is definitely sexy -it's a big piece of vibrating wood between your knees. And the sound is just beautiful” and help to demonstrate that this is one masculine beauty with brains!.

Dermot has been acting since the eighties and has over 60 credits in his extensive resume. The actor, producer, sometimes singer and always stunning Dermot has given us plenty of film time, but not as much skin as we'd lilke. Some of our favorite include films like 2000’s Trixie, 2001’s Investigating Sex and, most recently, in 2005’s The Wedding Date where he co-starred alongside Debra Messing. In this last film, Dermot displays what has to be one of the most toned and round asses you'll ever see on a 43-year-old man.

Dermot is not one to shy away from full frontals, as you can see in the following scene from Investigating Sex, and why should he? He's definitely got nothing to be ashamed of in the cocky department! Check it out:

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posted by Kerry Ross at 7.06 p.m.
April 2008

the buff in the buff

Jonathan Rhys Meyers nudeThe exquisite Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been earning a whole lot of new fans in his role as a young, vibrant and, perhaps most important, svelte Henry VIII in Showtime's hit series The Tudors. While Jonathan hasn't been showing off as much skin as we'd like in the series, nevertheless there have been several excellent occasions to catch the increasingly buff Mr. RM in the, well, buff

Happily for those who fancy the slimness, tightness and smoothness that Jonathan's body embodies, he's not been nearly so reticent over the course of his career to share a whole lot more skin, including a number of full-frontal exposures that have left his fans gasping for the smelling salts. In 1998's The Tribe and The Governess, the pouty-faced 21-year-old first put his considerable goods on public display, but it wasn't until three years later in Tangled that Jonathan gave us the long, lingering look that we'd all been wating for.

And as this hi-rez clip from Tangled in the Starmale archive demonstrates, it was well worth the wait:

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posted by Bent at 3.02 a.m.
March 2008

all-american skin

Eric Balfour nudeWhile his naked form has long decorated the bottom-right of this page, this is the first time Eric Balfour has appeared in the infamous Starmale celebrity nudity blog. And to say the least it's about time cause Eric is one smoking hot man who deserves our undivided attention.

Many of us first fell under Mr. Balfour's spell when he appeared in the first season of HBO's hit series Six Feet Under as Claire's uber-sexy (if thuggish) boyfriend, Gabriel. From the get-go, it was obvious that this 24-year-old actor had no problem putting his taut lean bod on full public display.

It took another year and the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre before we got a look at some serious skin in the outtakes section of the DVD release, but the best was yet to come two years later when he starred in the ultra-controversial Lie with Me alongside Lauren Lee Smith and went not just full frontal but also fully erect and drooling.

There are over 100 pictures and six video clips of Eric Balfour in the Starmale archive. Here's one of our faves from Lie with Me:

posted by Ben at 8.52 p.m.
February 2008

haut hotness

Vincent Cassell nudeThe French have given the world a whole lot of wonderful things -- everything from Champagne to the Champs-Élysées, but surely one of their best gifts to a sad and weary world has been incredibly sexy men who seem only to grow sexier as they age. Case in point today is Vincent Cassel who in a career spanning 30 years has gone from being a slim and lovely youth to a seriously smoking hot mature man.

Starting with his breakthrough role in 1995's La Haine where he played a working-class kid in the racially-charged Parisian suburbs, Monsieur Cassel has charted a challenging and provocative passage through both French and international cinema, appearing in films as diverse as Comme mi vuoi, Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen, Oceans 13 and, of course, director Gaspar Noé's ultra-controversial Irreversible.

It was in this compelling 2002 film that skin fanatics were given the opportunity to fully acquaint themselves with every aspect of Vincent's lean and compact form in a long, elaborate and very explicit love scene with beautiful co-star (and real-life wife) Monica Bellucci. While far-and-away his most skinning performance, it was not the first time he'd put his goods on public display -- that honor goes to 1995's Adultère, mode d'emploi from which the cap at left is taken.

The Starmale archive for Vincent Cassel is not huge, but it is extremely tasty, including a long clip from the aforementioned Irreversible:

posted by Ben at 6.09 p.m.
January 2008

the naked and the nude

Michael Pitt nude

It's always a good idea to start the new year off right and I can't think of a better way than with the beautiful and sexy Michael Pitt. New Jersey born and bred, the 26-year-old actor has been the object of serious attention (to say nothing of lust) since he first skinned shirtless in John Cameron Mitchell's 2001 film version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Michael's obvious acting talent and sultry bad-boy good-looks quickly earned him a healthy supporting role in Larry Clark's Bully and in several other small, but interesting flicks.

Michael's real breakthrough, however, came in 2005 when he was tapped by Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci to star in The Dreamers where he (along with the lovely Louis Garrel) spent a good part of the picture totally naked and sporting at least a partial erection part of the time. His performance was, in a word, sensational and our boy has since moved on to growing cult star status in films like Wonderland, Last Days (where he also skins) and last year's Delirious.

The outrageous scene below is from the aforementioned Dreamers and is one of four clips featuring Michael Pitt in the Starmale video archive (now with over 2,100 entries and still growing). Check it out:

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posted by Ben at 3.32 p.m.
November 6, 2007

teutonic nudity

Kostja Ullmann nude

Mention the name Kostja Ullmann and you can be pretty certain that most people will respond with at best a blank stare, but to those of us who like our movie stars young, buff and frequently in the nude, this 23-year-old up-and-coming German actor is rapidly becoming a major favorite.

Kostja first came to our attention in 2004's brilliant coming-of-age/ coming-out film Summer Storm where he played the straight best friend of the equally exquisite, but sexually confused Robert Stadlober. Their half-skinned mutual masturbation scene remains one of those sequences that lingers long and hard in the primeval regions of the mamalian brain.

It was, however, in last year's provocative Punish Me that Kostja finally gave his growing group of fans a full and very forthright taste of both rear and (brief) full frontal nudity, featuring an S&M theme that added a pungent bit of controversy to the general raves over the young star's moving (and, oh yes, revealing)performance.

In case there's any doubt that this is one boy who's headed for bigtime stardom, here's one of six clips from the Starmale archive that more than proves the point:

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posted by Ben at 5.33 p.m.
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