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February 21, 2007

nude a la mode

Louis Garrel nude

There's nudity and then, well, there's nudity. And I'm talking here about the full-fledged, full-frontal and fully flaunted kind, the kind in fact that nobody but nobody does better and more un-self-consciously than the French. And when it comes to male celebs, there's no Frenchman that can hold a candle to the delicious Louis Garrel.

First in director Bernardo Bertolucci's wonderful 2003 film The Dreamers, where he and co-stars Michael Pitt and Eva Green spent more time out of their clothes than in, and then in quick succession in Ma Mere and Dans Paris, Monsieur Garrel has demonstrated that he's one 24-year-old who's totally comfortable going au naturel wherever and whenever the role demands it.

In Dans Paris (in which he co-stars with hottie Romain Duris), Louis' Gallic charm and super-sexiness are thoroughly exposed and his fans will assuredly not be disappointed, as this new hi-rez clip amply demonstrates:

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posted by bEnT at 5.22 p.m.
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