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June 4, 2008

the naked and the nude

James Franco nudeSlim, smooth and sexy, all words that neatly encompass James Franco, our studly choice for this episode of the Starmale blog. And I 'spose it's about time cause James has never NEVER been shy about sharing both his acting talent and bare physical charms with his adoring public (and, yes, count me in!).

Starting with his third film appearance in 2000's Whatever It Takes, Mr. Franco has demonstrated a happy willingness to give us plenty of opportunities to explore and adore his seriously shapley assets. In flicks like James Dean, Sonny and, most lately, Tristan and Isolde, he's skinned neatly and repeatedly. Best of all, with each new appearance, he's revealed an increasingly buff body that's got to be the envy of every gym rat this side of Palookaville.

While we're still waiting for the (inevitable?) full frontal from our boy, the rear shots have been nothing short of breathtaking. Take, for example, this long exciting sequence from Sonny (also starring Scott Caan):

Just in case you were worried, there's over 150 pictures and five video clips in James Franco's galleries.
posted by bent at 6.12 p.m.
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