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October 13, 2008

the naked and the nude

Kevin Zegers nude

In the interests of full disclosure, I'll happily cop to being totally (and I mean totally) besotted by Kevin Zegers. In my humble op, he's just about defines what we mean when we say "smokin hot."

Canadian born and bred, Kevin started acting at the tender age of 6 years old. 18 years later, at the equally tender age of 23, he's assembled a majorly impressive resume, appearing in more than 50 movies and TV shows and winning the 2006 Cannes Film Festival Chopard Award, which is given to promising young actors

While never especially shy about appearing shirtless on screen or in print, we really had to wait until his breakout role in Duncan Tucker's Transamerica (2006) before we got both full-on rear and frontal exposures. Kevin quickly followed that with some more rear-end action in both It's a Boy Girl Thing (European version only - in the Starmale archive) and in last year's Normal. Given his growing status as emerging sex symbol, I think it fair to say that we can expect plenty more skin from Mr. Z over the next few years.

As mentioned previously, Transamerica provides the best occasion to appreciate Kevin's fine physical attributes. Vide:

Starmale skinny? Our Kevin Zegers nudity archive features six video clips and over 250 pictures!
posted by bent at 5.19 p.m.
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