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August 6, 2007

the drools of attraction

Ian Somerhalder nude It's a sad fact, but when it comes to celebrity nudity, sometimes we all have to settle for less than the 'full-monty'. Case in point is one of my personal all-time faves, Ian Somerhalder. For some reason, despite all my pleading, praying and whining, Ian simply refuses to strip down like the beautful Greek god that he is! Instead he seems all too content to tease me and the rest of his hard-up fans with a series of oh so provocative poses that only leave us panting for more.

That said, it's in a flick like The Rules of Attraction where Ian proves that, in his case, less actually might be more. In the now famous underwear scenes, he is so seriously sexy that you have to wonder whether the tease in this case is more stimulating than the basic naked reality. I'm not sure (and I'm still pining for that full frontal), but here's a new hi-rez exclusive clip to help you make up your mind:

Anyway, there's plenty more Somerhalder skin on display inside the site with nearly 125 pix and more vids for your delight and delectation.
posted by bEnT at 3.43 p.m.
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